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Delvcam DELV-7XL-CBLPK Product Image

Delvcam DELV-7XL-CBLPK Cable Pack for DELV-7XL Series LCD Monitors

Included in the DELV-7XL-CBLPK:

(1) DELV-2MM4X-6 Delvcam Power Cable 4-Pin XLR Male to 2.1mm Plug 6 Foot
(1) DELV-AVBX-6 Delvcam AV Cable 3.5mm TRRS to BNC and XLR Male Plugs 6 Foot
(1) DELV-AVRCA-6 Delvcam Breakout AV Cable 3.5mm TRRS to RCA Male Plugs 6 Foot
(1) DELV-RAAVCAB-6 Delvcam RA 4 Cond 3.5mm Plug to 3 RCA 6 FootT AV Cable

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