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Delvcam VGRIP-2 Multi-Arm Clamp Mount For Cameras - Lights - Monitors - Mics Fits all 1/4-20 Holes Up To 10 Lbs

Nothing flimsy here with the Delvcam VGRIP-2, just professional grade robust metal components that solidly lock onto dollies, pipes, cranes, jibs, walls and more. The 1/4-20 threaded stud will hold your camera, confidence monitor, your microphones, your flash, your lights, or anything else with a 1/4-20 threaded hole on the bottom up to 10 pounds with no problem! Both ends of the DELV-MAGICARM have 1/4-20 threaded studs with locking nuts to keep your gear straight. The VGRIP-2 also features a 3/8" threaded hole for additional application flexibility. A must for the professional!


  • Features Both 1/4 and 3/8" Threaded Ports to Accept a Variety of Accessories
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
  • Compatible with Accessories up to 10lbs


  • DELV-MAGICARM Can Extend up to 11"
  • The Mounting Clamp Will Fit Around Pipes From .5" to 1.5" in Diameter

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